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Helping Others Live a Better Life: Wheels to Prosper

Wheels To ProsperImagine life without a car or reliable transportation. In today's world this means much more than mere inconvenience. Often one's survival depends upon access to a vehicle, whether it is getting to work, taking the kids to school, making it to a job interview, or simply picking up food for the family. The lack of adequate transportation creates hardships and real disadvantages for those who are already struggling.

At Auto Tech Inc we have been very happy to be participating in a nationwide program launched in 2011 called Wheels to Prosper. This program awards a fully inspected, fully repaired car to a deserving individual, helping that person get back on his or her feet again.

If you would like to nominate someone for our next giveaway, please follow the instructions below and fill out our application form.

You can also help the Wheels to Prosper mission by donating a vehicle you no longer use or want.

Note: The Wheels to Prosper winner is responsible for tax, title, registration, and six months of insurance.


2016 WTP WINNER - Congratulations Brittni Wendling!

Wheels To Prosper 2016 Winner

With over 430 nominations submitted, it was not an easy task to choose our 2016 Wheels to Prosper car recipient. On Saturday, we presented the keys to a very surprised Brittni Wendling​!  (She didn't know she had been selected until we announced her name at the giveaway!)

Brittni was born with a rare genetic condition that affects only 1 in 100,000 people. It is a condition that affects all of her joints which makes everyday activities a challenge.  She has bilateral hip dislocations & no knee caps (can't bend her knees), which makes it a struggle to walk even short distances.  While in high school, she endured multiple surgeries and therapy but maintained a positive attitude. When most people would give up, she worked hard and graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and was named Valedictorian of her class. In Fall of 2015, she was determined to become an independent college student and began a new chapter as a freshmen at Iowa State University. Being a freshmen in college is difficult for anybody to adjust to, but Brittni was pushed to both physical and mental limitations that many others don't have to face. She was determined to not miss class even though the weather made it difficult for her to travel. She was the target for some rude remarks and criticism from others who were not accepting of her condition. She responded with an open letter that inspired and advocated for many people with disabilities around the world. She became a symbol of what truly is possible when you push yourself to succeed.

With access to a reliable vehicle, Brittni will no longer have to worry about making it to classes on time during trying weather, help her keep and travel to her many Doctor's appointments and be one less financial burden for her with her many medical bills. She is very passionate about volunteering but was often times not able to walk the distances with fellow students to volunteer. This vehicle will allow her to get out in the community more and volunteer as she wishes.

We were very honored to have met this remarkable young lady and couldn't have asked for a better, more appreciative recipient for our 1st giveaway. We wish Brittni all the best with everything the future has in store for her and hope that having a vehicle will make that future a little bit easier for her.